Ansa: Tehran praises Italy's nuclear position

ven, 20. dicembre 2013 | Politica

The Iranian ambassador to Rome on Friday expressed gratitude for Italy's ''intelligent positions and actions'' over the accord on Iran's nuclear program.

Speaking to ANSA on the eve of Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino's departure in what will be the first such visit to Tehran in a decade, Ambassador Jahanbakhsh Mozaffari commented that bilateral ''relations are decent but not ideal, considering the excellent existing potential''.

''There is the space and the possibility to do a lot more in terms of political, cultural, parliamentary and economic relations, especially in the energy, carmaking, science and technology sectors'', he said ''Of course, this would require a joint effort''.

Bonino's visit to the Iranian capital, which is to last through Sunday, will ''bring our positions on regional and international issues closer together'', the ambassador went on, praising the Italian minister's ''brave and realistic positions'' on Syria.

''We believe the Syrian people should decide the future of their country, and they should do so in the voting booth. The Syrian crisis will not be resolved through military intervention. The only possible solution is a political one'', Mozaffari said.

''Two years since the crisis began, the terrorist nature of the extremist militias operating in Syria, of their instigators, and of the aims behind the massive military and financial mobilization against the Syrian government, have become clear'', the ambassador went on.

''On the positive side, in the last few months some Western countries have been adopting more reasonable positions with regards to Syria. We trust that with full understanding of the facts and the reality of what is going on, more will finally come to understand the correctness of my country's position'', he explained.

Iran's foreign policy is committed to building ''good neighbor'' relations with Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region, where the situation of Shiite communities ''is not exactly satisfactory'' due to discriminatory attitudes of ''extremist Salafist and Wahabite groups'', the ambassador said.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif embarked on a tour of Persian Gulf nations as soon as he returned from the Geneva nuclear talks, Mozaffari added.

''That mission will continue in the name of Iran's interest in cultivating strategic and constructive brotherly relations'', the diplomat concluded.


ANSAmed - Rome, December 20 - (by Elisa Pinna)