Deadline for Submission Extended to the 30th November 2013

lun, 25. novembre 2013 | Cultura

Call for Participation Scientists are invited to send their candidature to the 27th Khwarizmi International Award by:

• Filling out the Application Form and submit it via E-mail:
• Or upload the completed application form with annexes here 
• Or easily apply online here now!
• Please check the guidelines

Award Details 
The award ceremony of the Khwarizmi International Award

For the first time, in the KIA history, the award ceremony took place at IROST, the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology, in Tehran.
As a matter of fact, the award ceremony provided a fabulous opportunity for the audience to get acquainted with IROST, the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology. IROST is the leading Iranian research development and training organization and during the last years, it maintained its leading position as a center of excellence in research and technology.
The award ceremony honours the KIA Laureates and marks the close of each session. The event was open to the scientific community with around 1000 people gathering.